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Unit Seven   Marketing

Reading A

Payless ShoeSource: Paying less for Fashion

1   When you think of New York’s Fifth Avenue, which retailers come to mind? Tiffany’s? Gucci? Armani? One name that probably doesn’t come to mind is Payless.

2    Founded in 1956 in Kansas, Payless grew rapidly on the basis of what was then a revolutionary idea: selling shoes in a self-service environment. Fifty years later, it had become the largest shoe retailer in America, targeting low-budget families.

3   While all seemed rosy for the choose-it-yourself shoe store, by 2005, Payless was losing market share and closing stores. The retail landscape had changed, and giant discount one-stop shops like Walmart, Target, and Kohl’s had become the choice of shoppers who paid special attention to price when they bought shoes. Said one industry insider, “You can no longer produce the same boring shoes year after year and hope that price alone will get customers to your door.” With low prices at its only rule, Payless had lost its advantage.

4   To reverse its falling market share, Payless had to plan a completely new strategy. To get things started, it hired a new CEO, Matt Rubel, who came with extensive experience in the high-end brand market. Rubel knew that Payless had to change its image from the dusty storeroom of cheap shoes into the fun merchant of fashion. “We have the ability to make shoes at the most affordable prices anywhere in the world, and we want to marry that with the greatestcreativity,” said Rubel. The overall objective of Rubel’s strategy was not only to improve the brand image, but also position Payless in such a way that a slight price increase would seem like a bargain. Rubel wasted no time in making big changes.

5   Payless ShoeSource has continually updated its overall image since 2005. With therevised mission and vision statement, along with its new strategy, the company was looking to increase its market share. It began to attract customers through trends and styles,rather than solely through discounted prices.

6   Unexpectedly,just as Rubel’s strategy began to take effect, the worst global recessionsince the Great Depression broke out in 2008. Like retailers everywhere, Payless took a hit; but while many retailers suffered great losses, store sales at Payless were much better.

7    Due to the series of reforms by Rubel, Payless is returning to steady growth. Low production costs provide a competitive advantage as they continue to increase profits. In good times as well as in bad, Payless has created a formula for value that customers love. The company remains confident that its strategy to make fashion more accessible to ordinary people will produce favorable results regardless of future economic conditions.



1   提到纽约的第五大道,你会想起哪家店铺呢?蒂凡尼?古驰?还是阿玛尼?有一个你可能没有想到的名字,那就是配莱斯。

2     配莱斯公司1956年创立于堪萨斯州。它发展得非常迅速,这得益于其在当时非常创新的理念:顾客可以自己挑选鞋子。五十年过去了,它已成长为面向低端消费家庭的全美最大鞋店。

3     直到2005年为止,这种自选式经营的鞋店看起来一切都非常美好;之后配莱斯开始失去市场份额,店铺也纷纷倒闭。零售行业早已改头换面,如果买鞋的顾客非常看重价格,那他们就会选择像沃尔玛,塔吉特,科尔士这样的一站式超级折扣店。一位行业的内部人士说:你要是年复一年一成不变地生产鞋子,就别指望单靠价格便宜就能吸引顾客上门。” 以低价作为唯一经营法则的配莱斯已经毫无优势可言。

4    为了扭转不断下降的市场份额,配莱斯不得不开始全新的营销战略。首先,它雇佣了一名新的首席执行官,麦特-鲁贝尔。此人拥有丰富的高端服装品牌的市场经验。鲁贝尔清楚配莱斯一定要改变自己的形象。它不能还是那个落满灰尘的廉价鞋仓库,而应成为时尚的,给人快乐的商家。我们有能力在世界任何一个地方制作人们买得起的鞋子。现在我们要把这一点和最出色的创造力结合起来。” 鲁贝尔这样说。鲁贝尔营销战略的总体目标是不仅要提升配莱斯品牌形象,而且要重新定位配莱斯,让人们觉得即使多花点钱购买配莱斯也是一桩划算的买卖。鲁贝尔立即着手让这些改变发生。

5    2005年起,配莱斯鞋业公司一直致力于提升自己的整体形象。公司重新对任务和前景进行了规划和描述,采取了新的营销策略,并有望扩大市场份额。它开始通过时尚的潮流和款式来吸引顾客,而不再是单纯地依赖于打折的价格。

 6    然而出人意料的是,就在鲁贝尔的策略初显成效的时候,继大萧条后最恶劣的全球经济衰退在2008年爆发了。同世界各地的零售商一样,配莱斯也遭受了打击;但是相比于其他损失惨重的零售商,配莱斯的铺面销售额要好得多。

7    由于鲁贝尔实施的一系列的改革措施,配莱斯正重返稳步增长的轨道。在他们继续增加利润的同时,低廉的生产成本让他们更具优势。世道或兴或衰,配莱斯总能创造出顾客喜爱的价值配方。配莱斯公司坚信无论将来的经济形势如何,让时尚走进普通人生活的行销策略总能产生积极的效果。

Reading B

A Free Prime Steak Is Waiting For You

Dear Steak Lover,

I am looking forward to giving you a free Prime steak.

To get you free steak, just bring a guest to dinner with you Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday evening before October 1 when this offer expires.

Most people dont eat dinner by thenselves anyway. So I cant imagine a diehard steak lover like you passing up this chance to get a free award-winning Prime steak.

And youll have your choice of any steak on the menu---including the T-Bone, the Rib Eye, the Porterhouse, or perhaps a Filet Mignon.

As you probably know, the Prime Steak Restaurant has the best steaks in Sydney. You will be getting two of our best steaks, or a steak and another entree, for the price of one.

Why are we doing this?

Because we have found that this is a great way to introduce people in Sydney to our restaurant and our incredible steaks. So just bring this letter with you when you arrive on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday before October 1 and take advantage of this free-steak offer.

Im not sure when or if well make this offer again. So now is the time to make the trip to the Prime Steak Restaurant. I look forward to getting you personally when you arrive.


Alton Brown

Owner, Prime Steak Restaurant

P.S. Dont forget to bring this letter with you so you can get your free steak!

















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